• “Stuart Rennie ranks amongst the most knowledgeable and effective International Education Consultants in Britain. Since I met him in 2002, he has developed an impressive portfolio of clients; an immense overseas network of universities and other organisations; a reputation for delivering on client requirements and as a highly respected thought leader in this most complex and dynamic industry. I strongly recommend him to Universities or international agencies, seeking support from one of the best and most ethical operators in the UK and beyond.”

Dr Adrian< Graves,/strong> formerly Secretary of the Robert Gordon University and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary, The University of Salford April 2014 International student recruitment and marketing

  • International student recruitment strategies
  • International student recruitment – social media strategies
  • International student recruitment – marketing plans
  • International qualifications and admissions
  • International student recruitment – systems and processes
  • End to end delivery – enquiry – CRM – visa – enrolment
  • UKBA – compliance & visa assistance

  Outsourcing international student recruitment

  • Agent setup, management, quality control, audit, mystery shopping
  • Entering new overseas education markets
  • Enquiries, admissions, conversions
  • Delivering against target, ROI
  • Servicing overseas education markets, regional offices, overseas campuses

  Markets serviced

  • Africa – Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa
  • Middle East – UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia
  • South Asia – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
  • Central Asia – Khazakstan, Ukraine, Russia
  • South East Asia – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Europe

  Consultancy and training

  • Overseas education partnerships
  • International office training
  • Writing international student recruitment business plans
  • Speaking at international conferences
  • Public private partnerships
  • Digital marketing / social media
  • Improving international student recruitment conversions
  • Further Education and the private sector